Monday, December 1, 2008

Am I interrupting your lunch? Uhh YEAH!

Al-Amin: i hate it when folks come by my desk and ask me "am i interrupting your lunch?"
wtf am i supposed to say?
"no, i'm just in the middle of a chicken salad sandwich that i brought to my desk so i could get a few free minutes while i eat"
i mean... don't ask the question if its rhetorical, you feel me?
god damn it, what the fuck does it LOOK like i'm doing?

Al-Amin: yeah but these are associates man
i know, i'm at an entry-level position here which basically means i'm a bitch... but that means you should just come up and talk to me man
don't ask me dumbass questions like "am i interrupting your lunch?"
me: hahahaha

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