Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tanzanians and Ice Skating

me: free ice skating
Sent at 9:57 AM on Thursday
Al-Amin: dude
i'm tanzanian
me: u dont ice skate?
Al-Amin: does it look like i can skate?
me: hahaha
i can teach u!
Al-Amin: dude
tropical weather
me: dude you're in ny
Al-Amin: these things are foreign to my skill set
i could try, but one of two things will happen
1) i will fail miserably
2) i will embarrass you into not being my friend anymore
me: hahahaha. no u wont
but this is being posted
Al-Amin: lol
if you were a guy i'd call you an ass right about now
me: ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

stinky feet!

"Krisanne" (4:25:14 PM): J's socks smell like death after he works.
val(4:25:25 PM): ew
"Krisanne" (4:25:38 PM): i am telling you this because he made up that fart story
"Krisanne" (4:25:53 PM): he took off his shoes and socks to shower when he got to my place last night
"Krisanne" (4:26:01 PM): and I simply walked passed them and almost barfed

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Potty Humor

"Krisanne" (11:40:55 AM): j walked in on me peeing the other day and I almost killed him
"Krisanne" (11:40:59 AM): what if I was taking a shit
"Krisanne" (11:41:02 AM): ?!!!
"Krisanne" (11:41:18 AM): I have gone #2 at his house though which in itself is a huge step.
"Krisanne" (11:41:33 AM): before that I haven't crapped in a guy's house since the year 2000

Friday, October 17, 2008

sexy sushi man!

khris: the sushi guy just walked by
val: drool
khris: he's not that cute
khris: though he is very stoic with his sushi man hat

Thursday, October 16, 2008

umm excuse you!

Al-Amin: o0oo oo0o
and that's the middle finger one two hands
why am i randomly flicking you off? great question.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"Krisanne" (4:26:15 PM): someone just killed themselves in front of my office on the train
"Krisanne" (4:26:18 PM): now I cant get home
"Krisanne" (4:26:21 PM): what an asshole

drunken debauchery

"Krisanne" (11:18:37 AM): I am a raging cunt when I drink too much
"Krisanne" (11:19:06 AM): It's like we're worst to the ones we love the most, because we know they will deal with it

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Men have selective hearing.

Tiffany: aww, men have selective hearing. i bet if u told him what color bra u were wearing he'd remember that forever
me: lolololol.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kids in Guatemala use Youtube?!

val: youtube is being whack
val: the vids aren't loading
khris: they aren't?
val: nope
val: load 1/4 the way
val: don't start playing
khris: ooh
khris: did you try restarting your browser
khris: unless you broke youtube.... in that case you're ruining the experience for millions of people
khris: sad children in Guatemala are not seeing their Spanish dubbed episodes of dragon ball z

Friday, October 3, 2008

boon boon boon

Krissy: booondoggles
Krissy: boondoggles all over the place


Krissy: yeah but i don't want to get wastey and not be productive tomorrow
Krissy: plus i wanna get wastey tonight
Krissy: i mean tomorrow afternoon
val: weeee
Krissy: go watch some baseball and football
Krissy: you know be reeeeeeeeally white and preppy
val: hahaha

Google is...

val: how's google today?
khris: quiet
khris: and googly
val: lol -- and how is you tube?
val: the same?
khris: tubey

And which animal do you look like?

Krissy: he reminds me of a cartoon character
Krissy: but i forget his name
val: hahaha
val: dexter?
Krissy haha no
Krissy: its an animal
Krissy: i can see it in my head
Krissy: Arthur!

Potty Humor

i have to potty brb
Daniela: aj
happy times
be sure to wipe well

val: i'm excited for my blister cushions
val: YAY
Krissy: hahaha
Krissy: the little things in life

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chips and Dip

etaraby (4:37:11 PM): you missed the party
valer0us (4:37:45 PM): I'm sorry i had a previous engagement and i totally over booked
etaraby (4:38:03 PM): what the hell am i gonna do with all of this dip!


valer0us (2:11:12 PM): am i purring?
Krissy (2:11:18 PM): yes
Krissy (2:11:21 PM): you are so weird