Thursday, July 31, 2008

Words of the WISE 7/31/08

Names have been deleted to protect the identity of ol' wise one :)

1. "There was so much saliva drooling out of my mouth I had to cup my hands to catch it all"
2. "Actually the horse had no legs"
3. "But it turns out the pants were made of leather" <--- Hummm...

And some words from the young and wise...

Jade: "I see the appeal. He's cute in a dorky way but I was over it in like um a day -- yeah about a day".

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

and it begins... quotes from 7/30/08

Al-Amin: I actually didn't associate it with smoke. My first impression was that it had something to do with monkeys. Don't ask...

Jade: they need a puff daddy-esque makeover

Japanda: "when i'm feeling i have it bad, i look at everyone else's face standing in line behind me and I feel better"

Dave C: Abuse is when you've spent your rent money to get high and find yourself in a pile of munchy food wrappers.

Use is when you take a hit to be cool.

Me: but it freezes my DINOSAUR!